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Event Security Manager

Key Job Details:

  • Country/Region: US
  • State: Multiple States
  • City: Multiple Cities
  • Category: Security Management
  • Required Education: Bachelor's Degree (preferably in Event Management, Security, or a related field)
  • Position Type: Professional
  • Employment Type: Full-Time
  • Contract Type: Regular
  • Company: TS4 Security Services
  • Req ID: TS42023-102
  • Travel Required: Up to 80% or 4 days a week (home on weekends – based on event and project requirements)
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We are seeking a seasoned Event Security Manager who expertly navigates the dual needs of safety protocol and crowd enjoyment in the context of arenas, sports venues, and stadiums. If you are drawn to the thrill of high-stakes events, yet possess a deep understanding of the multifaceted safety concerns that underpin successful, secure event execution, this opportunity is designed for you.

As our Event Security Manager, your robust comprehension of the intricate dance between safety measures, crowd management, and successful event execution will be paramount. We require a professional who has hands-on experience in all aspects of event security management and appreciates the crucial role that efficient security operations play in facilitating successful, safe, and memorable events.

Job Description:

We are seeking an experienced and professional Event Security Manager with a specialization in event security and crowd management planning. This role involves collaborating closely with various teams - security, production, and marketing, and requires an individual with a solid history of working on major events both in the USA and globally.

Your Role and Responsibilities

As our Event Security Manager at TS4 Security, you will bring your extensive expertise in security technologies, physical security procedures, and security operations management to the forefront. Your knowledge and experience will be instrumental in shaping the security framework for new or enhanced event facilities, guaranteeing the highest level of security for attendees and staff.

As a crucial part of the team, you will partner closely with facility operators and architectural design teams. Together, you will address potential threat scenarios, devise comprehensive event objectives, and formulate robust mitigation strategies.

Key responsibilities in this role include but are not limited to:

  1. Designing comprehensive security plans that incorporate crowd management, safety, and security, tailored to each event's unique requirements.
  2. Coordinating with various stakeholders including staff, performers, and attendees to ensure smooth event operations.
  3. Implementing robust staff and attendee screening procedures, access control, and credentialing systems.
  4. Overseeing the contracting and management of the security staff to guarantee the utmost proficiency.
  5. Adapting quickly to changes in event plans and managing potential security crises with efficiency and discretion.
  6. Integrating and managing advanced security technologies, including Operations Center, Video Surveillance, Guest Screening/Metal Detection, Communication Plans, and Intel Support.

Simultaneously, you will utilize your expertise to develop Operational Security plans, policies, and procedures that will guide the facility's overall security approach. These essential documents will include a comprehensive facility security plan, an emergency operations plan, a quality control plan, and more.

Your experience and skill set will be critical in driving the successful delivery of our top-tier event security, and we look forward to welcoming you to our team. Together, we can ensure the safety and security of all event attendees and staff, one event at a time.


  1. Proven experience in event security management, particularly with high-profile events such as Super Bowls, Olympic Games, NBA All-Star weekends, conferences, FIFA, etc.
  2. Specialization in crowd management and safety planning.
  3. Proficiency in a range of specialized security technologies.
  4. Experience in staff management including creating staffing plans, post orders, and credential sheets, selecting and managing staffing companies, and training staff to use security technologies.
  5. Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  6. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and adapt to rapid changes.

TS4 Security offers a competitive salary package commensurate with experience, along with excellent benefits. Join us, and be a part of a team that is shaping the future of global event security.


  • Health Insurance.
  • Paid time off.
  • Corporate Holidays.
  • Sick leave.
  • Family planning.
  • Financial Guidance.
  • Competitive 401K.
  • Training and Learning.

We continue to expand our benefits and programs, offering some of the best support, guidance, and coverage for a diverse employee population.

Career Growth

Our ambition is to be indispensable to the world, and we believe that our people are the fundamental drivers of this goal. As part of our mission to empower our workforce, we have initiated an internal talent development program known as 'Go Beyond'. Our commitment to our team's professional growth is rooted in three core areas:

Skill Enhancement: We prioritize fostering the development of our employees' foundational skills. We believe in nurturing competencies and encourage learning, as we understand that continuous skill development is key to personal career progression and the success of our organization.

Career Navigation: At TS4, our team members have the potential to explore a multitude of career paths. Our focus is to align an employee’s strengths and career aspirations with suitable opportunities within our company. We aim to help each member of our team find their dream job within our organization, and we provide guidance to navigate the myriad career paths available.

Diversity and Inclusion: We value diversity—not only in our workforce but also in the exchange of ideas. We believe that a diverse team brings a wealth of experiences, perspectives, and ideas, which ultimately drive innovation. Our commitment to fostering an inclusive environment means that every employee's voice is heard, respected, and valued.

In summary, we believe in the potential of our people. We are dedicated to providing avenues for career growth, promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace, and nurturing the talent that keeps TS4 at the forefront of our industry. Join us, and let's grow together.

Corporate Citizenship

As an ambitious enterprise expanding its horizons, TS4 boasts a diverse workforce of extraordinary individuals across the countries. We are more than just a team; we are a global family connected by shared goals, mutual respect, and a collaborative spirit.

TS4 is driven by a vision that stretches beyond the ordinary. Our culture is shaped by a collective sense of responsibility that empowers us to take on grand challenges, implement everyday enhancements, and shape the future of our company and the world beyond.

Our people are our most valuable asset. We foster an environment that values our team members, our clients, and the communities we are part of. We embrace the diverse cultures, perspectives, and experiences of our global workforce, and we are deeply committed to their well-being and growth.

For our team based in United States, we offer a competitive base salary range between $100,000 and $162,000. This reflects our firm belief in rewarding talent and effort appropriately.

At TS4, our ambition fuels our journey. We are not just expanding our business; we are widening our global reach, enhancing our collective capabilities, and writing our own unique story of success. If you share our ambition and have a desire to be part of something bigger, then join us on this exciting journey.

At TS4, we don't just dream about the future; we create it together.

Required Technical and Professional Expertise

  • Profound knowledge of security technologies and operations: Candidates must have at least 5 years of hands-on experience with various security technologies including video surveillance design, intrusion detection, access control systems, and others. Proficiency in implementing both traditional and biometric security measures is essential.
  • Experience in Operational Security planning and procedures: Applicants should bring a minimum of 5 years' experience in developing comprehensive Operational Security plans, policies, and procedures. This should include the ability to create facility security plans, emergency operations plans, and quality control plans in parallel with the design process.
  • Expertise in crowd management and event planning: A minimum of 3 years of experience in crowd management planning is required, focusing on both strategic planning and effective response to sudden changes. Candidates must have the capability to balance security measures with the overall guest experience. Proficiency in applying both industry best practices and innovative approaches to event planning is expected.

Other Relevant Job Details

At TS4, we provide a rich set of resources to help our esteemed employees flourish both within and beyond their professional lives. Besides an attractive benefits package that includes medical and life insurance, retirement plans, and vacation time, eligible team members may also avail of:

  • A substantial parental bonding leave: We offer 12 weeks of paid leave. In uncertain times, family care options are also provided to support our valuable employees.
  • Premium learning opportunities: Our AI-powered, personalized learning platform promotes a learning culture that fuels your desire for skill enhancement and knowledge expansion, aiding in the accomplishment of your career aspirations.
  • Comprehensive well-being programs: We prioritize both your mental and physical health with initiatives designed to maintain overall wellness.
  • Empowering financial programs: Tools and advice to help you manage, save, and grow your wealth, encompassing expert financial counseling, 401(k), and an attractive TS4 stock discount.
  • Education Reimbursement Opportunities: We offer select opportunities for educational reimbursement to enhance your professional growth.
  • Inclusive and diverse employee resource groups: Connect, network, and collaborate with TS4 colleagues across the globe.
  • Charitable and volunteer programs: Make a difference in charitable organizations and local communities through our giving and volunteer initiatives.
  • Retail Discounts: Enjoy exclusive discounts on a range of retail products, services, and experiences.

Please note that we consider qualified applicants with criminal histories, in line with applicable law.

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