Personnel Security

Personnel Security

We combine decades of collective knowledge across a wide variety of security and risk management services with specialized local solutions to help you flourish in a constantly changing environment.
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Professional, Trusted security solutions to safeguard personnel and infrastructure

A Successful security program must be able to recognize and mitigate risks in the constantly evolving security environment of today.

Through its subsidiaries, TS4 offers:
1. Professionals
2. Quality driven
Services to protect employees, infrastructure and other important assets and investments. Our mission is to make businesses continuity possible so that customers can fulfill their goals.

Organizations depend upon TS4 to secure their critical assets and personnel while reducing costs and mitigating risks before they can adversely impact operations.

Our innovative, customer security solutions are designed to facilitate operations, allowing our customers to remain focused on their primary business or policy objectives within a security environment.

TS4 offers a Customer-centric approach that combines:
Excellence, and a industries' best practices to produce a cost-effective, best-value solution.

Armed and Unarmed physical security services for Commercial and Government Customers.

Our armed and unarmed officers provide:

Numerous attacks could target:
Equipment & other assets.

TS4 is a reputable and knowledgeable supplier of security services for Government, Corporate, and Non-Governmental clients, we offer a variety of integrated security solutions; including high-threat protection and uniformed protective services to protect employees, infrastructure, and other priceless assets and investments.
TS4 has a lot of expertise organizing and carrying out operations to safeguard crucial infrastructure. We oversee Armed & Un-Armed security initiatives both domestically and abroad including broad range specialist capabilities into our comprehensive security solutions.
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Corporate Risk Management solutions to protect your organization

In order to assist organizations in preventing threats and removing vulnerabilities that minimize risks while boosting organizational resilience, TS4 offers professional risk management services for Fortune 500 enterprises to small businesses.

To address the security needs of any organization, TS4 offers a full range of assessment and training services.

We offer comprehensive risk assessments to pinpoint operational and structural weakness, and we subsequently create integrated security strategies with a thorough backup plan.
By examining your security conditions from a variety of perspectives, our specialist decreases risk from a "all hazards" approach.

Special event staffing for heightened security

Advanced planning and a strong security presence are require for guaranteeing a safe atmosphere for its VIPs and guests, whether it be at large sporting events or national political conferences.

Our professional qualified team are skilled at delivering reliable and high-quality event security while ensuring the safety and security of public, property & value.

TS4's specializes area of expertise for a range of Public, Commercial, & U.S Government events.

Which includes following area of expertises:
1. Advanced Threat Assessment
2. Planning & Monitoring
3. Managing Enormous Crowds
4. Quick Crisis Response

TS4 also specializes in after-hours activities, special events, and we add to the current crew during times of increased security.
Sporting Events
Large & Small Conferences
Public Hearings
Entertainment Events
                 Are some examples of these occasions.

We communicate with local & federal law enforcement for traffic and crowed management, adherence to local event regulations, and pre-planning in support of coordinate responses in the case of an emergency, leveraging our relationship with the law enforcement community.

Video surveillance.

Proactive 24/7 Security Monitoring and Oversight.

The quality security services of today depend heavily on real-time intelligence. Continuous proactive monitoring heightens situational awareness, speed up decision-making, and maximizes your security posture through tactical resource allocation.

Continuous operations are maintained by our own experts, ensuring situational awareness around-the-clock(24/7). We actively track developments as they occur and react to them quickly by using our intelligence insights and proactive attitude.

Our investigate services

Within the United states, our investigative services section specialized in and conducts background investigations. In order to serve each customer's particular purpose, we are dedicated to integrity, quality, and service. Our committed, highly skilled management can quickly deploy workers who provide unmatched customer service, facilitating operations domestically.
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Keeping you safe when the worst happens

We Offer a broad spectrum of response and preparation services to organizations and communities during crisis or catastrophe situations in order to lower risk, get ready for dangers, and recover from disasters.
When the worst occurs, we provide quick, precise, and flexible crisis management, communication, and response solutions to assist our customers in overcoming any difficulties they may encounter. Our crisis response teams offer guidance and assistance before, during, and after a crisis occurs, preparing you to handle any issues that may arise when your company is threatened by or adversely affected by a critical incident.

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