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Innovation & Transformation

Security and Consulting

Predictive security that protects privacy with the flexibility of a hybrid cloud. Go Fast and far with TS4 Consulting. Navigate the new rule of modern business and turn ideas into action with a partner you trust.


Put your Security system on autopilotSave up to 2 million in incident management and reduce security spending by50%. Digitally transform your security business and achieve operational excellence.


Simplify your Security Experience. Most Security solution makers think security today is more complex than years before. TS4 security solutions work together seamlessly with an integrated, open hybrid cloud strategy.


Faster, more accurate reporting, Self-service reporting data. Automate and enforce reporting automatically and consistently with increased visibility and collaboration while reducing compliance risks.
Partner with TS4

Tools for Growth

Leverage industries' automated incentive programs. Discover the new, simpler, and faster TS4 partner portal. One membership to access all services.

Customer Reach

Benefit from TS4’s Local, State and Nation reach. Expand your customer base with help from TS4 Sales. Join over 3,520 partners across 52 states.


Discover the security and performance your customers demand with our lock-in to a single service provider. Automate, unify and manage with Smart Solutions.