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Electronics Solutions

Biometric Access Control

An individual, user-based access control system that authenticates based on physical attributes, eliminating the need for access cards and security codes.

Physical Access Control

Our repository of physical barricades, values, and safes provides unparalleled security and can also be customized to suit your building requirements.

Manage Access Control

Generate useful data to drive business intelligence and insights with feature-rich managed access control.

Hosted Access Control

Using the power of the cloud, hosted access control allows you to manage permissions and access, remotely.

Electronic Access Control

A centralized and automated security system to efficiently manage employee and visitor access to your facilities.
TS4 Inside

Digital threat intelligence

The goal is virtually instant verification of threat - more efficient, reliable, and fraud-resistant than a traditional system.

Threat Intelligence Index

We draw on a large network of resources to deliver social, economic, political, and security intelligence to our customers through bespoke reporting services.

Faster data driven solution

Start business planning and analysis at a single-entry, no-code content hub with a new TS4 business analytics enterprise.
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Trials and Offers

Enterprise security solutions: TS4 Security® provides enterprise cybersecurity solutions to help you thrive in the face of uncertainty.


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