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Digital threat intelligence


Eliminate External Threats To Your Organization

  • Gain visibility into external threats Stay ahead of threats to your organization, employees, and customers with proactive clear, deep, and dark web monitoring.
  • Mitigate threats before they have an impact Prevent damage to your organization with contextualized alerts that enable rapid response.
  • Make informed security decisions Easily prioritize mitigation efforts to shorten investigation time and speed alert triage.

Accelerate Response

Quickly turn intelligence into action with faster detection and automated alert responses across your environment. This is made possible through plug-and-play integrations with your existing technologies for SIEM, SOAR, EDR, firewall, and more.

Simplify Workflows

Simplify your SecOps workflows through advanced investigation and mapping capabilities that provide highly contextualized alerts with a low signal-to-noise ratio. Unlimited 24x7x365 access to our expert analysts shortens investigation times as well as accelerates alert triage and response.

Immediate Value

Get up and running quickly with accelerated onboarding and an intuitive dashboard. Then achieve rapid ROI with digital risk protection that’s tailored to your organization’s digital footprint.

Key Features

Digital Risk Protection

Threats can come from any direction, leaving your business vulnerable to attack. Threat Command scans the clear, deep, and dark web for potential dangers before they affect your organization. Get contextualized alerts on threats affecting your business, and proactively research malware, tactics, techniques, and procedures(TTPs), phishing scams, and other threat actors. Listen in on dark web chatter for up-to-the-minute details on what’s coming next. Threat Command replaces point solutions with an all-in-one external threat intelligence, digital risk protection, indicators of compromise (IOCs) management, and remediation solution.

Threat Protection Expertise

Our team of threat detection experts has spent years building relationships with threat actors, gaining their trust, and infiltrating the very same dark forums they use to launch attacks against you. They speak and understand multiple languages, and are available to answer customer questions with a single click right inside the platform. They serve as an extension of your security team, but one with the experience accessing and disrupting threats right where they extend from. They are your secret weapon and greatest security asset.

Rapid Remediation & Takedown

With multi-lingual threat analysts and a best-in-class takedown rate of 85% in under 24 hours, Threat Command removes the burden of takedown management, enabling organizations to easily take swift action to proactively minimize their digital risk. Our dedicated team of experts gathers prerequisites, accelerates requests, and streamlines workflows with your legal team so malicious campaigns are taken down as quickly as possible. All while monitoring code and file-sharing sites for any hint of exploits or leaked credentials, as well as keeping tabs on the larger online ecosystem for vulnerabilities across social, app stores, and web hosting providers

Advanced Investigation and Threat Mapping

Your digital footprint is always evolving, with Threat Command, our dynamic asset mapping framework tracks your evolving digital footprint, identifies new potential attack vectors, and understands where you may be exposed. From there you can automatically correlate threat actor intelligence to your unique digital footprint. This tailored intelligence allows you to focus on vulnerabilities that pose an actual threat to your business, meaning you can prioritize what’s important and create an efficient monitoring and remediation program.

Clear, Deep, & Dark Web Protection

The dark web can seem like a black hole where attackers lurk, coordinate attacks, and conspire against your business. Threat Command protects against those bad actors by providing clear visibility into the dark web, so you are always prepared for whatever attackers throw at you. With Threat Command, you’ll get early warning of potential attacks and automated intelligence of vulnerabilities targeting your employees, network, and customers. Our AI and machine learning technology offer faster detections and alerts across the clear, deep, and dark web.

IOC Management & Enrichment

Stopping threats early, or before they ever get off the ground, is the name of the game. With Threat Command’s single-pane-of-glass dashboard, you can view your entire digital footprint — from the web, social, and mobile apps — with real-time contextual visibility on organization-specific threats. Threat Command allows you to automatically and continuously connect the dots of indicators of compromise (IOCs), syncing security events, vulnerabilities, and attacks to aggregated and well-managed data, allowing for prioritized and automated responses

Seamless Automation

Threat Command integrates seamlessly with your entire security stack by automating and monitoring the clear, deep, and dark webs, and drawing on custom research, threat hunting, and external threat feeds to create a clear picture of your entire threat environment. Our active directory integration automatically identifies new and existing credential leaks in real-time, reducing the burden of manually identifying credential leaks and initiating the credential reset process. Your organization won’t miss a beat.

Expansive Threat Library

Our expanded threat library is backed by a dedicated team of research analysts working tirelessly to provide up-to-the-minute threat intelligence delivered on an easy-to-use interface for advanced search capabilities through regular expression(ReGex). Our threat library provides relevant topics including MITRE ATT&CKframework technique IDs and a list of common tactics, techniques, and procedures(TTPs) used by threat actors in real-world attacks. The library is designed to give you the relevant information you need in one, clear, simplified view.

Analysts Report

IntSights delivers the industry’s only all-in-one external threat protection platform designed to neutralize cyberattacks outside the wire. In a new commissioned study, The Total EconomicImpactTM of the IntSights External Threat Protection Suite,

Forrester Consulting determined that IntSights can deliver a 442% ROI to its customers over a three-year period.*

The October 2019 study highlights cost savings and business benefits enabled by the IntSights External Protection Suite, specifically:

  • How automation of dark web intelligence gathering reduces the time security analysts spend searching for threats by 75%
  • How the solution helps security teams take downphishing domains, malicious mobile apps, and social media profiles 66% more efficiently
  • How customers avoid expensive response processes by detecting harmful events before they transpire. The increase in proactive response allows these organizations to avoid $600,000 in direct fraud and cleanup expenses annually

To learn more about the benefits and value IntSights provides to its user base, download the study.

*Results are for a composite organization based on interviewed customers.

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