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What is TS4 Cloud Pak for Business Automation?

TS4 Cloud for Business Automation is a modular set of integrated software components, built for any hybrid cloud, designed to automate work and accelerate business growth. This end-to-end automation platform helps you analyze workflows, design AI-infused apps with low-code tooling, assign tasks to bots, and track performance.
With this offering, clients can transform fragmented workflows — achieving 97% straight-through processing — to stay competitive, boost efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Use cases

Client support: Automate refund requests: Minimize manual work with straight-through processing to improve productivity and meet fluctuating client demands.


Automate different types of work

Simplify complex workflows, manual tasks, decision-making, data extraction, record management, document governance and compliance, and more.

Gain deeper actionable insights

Use dashboards to identify issues and recommend steps for quick resolution and continuous improvement.

Alleviate skill gaps

Use data to identify gaps, then build low-code and no-code apps with AI and deep technical expertise.

Deploy anywhere

Gain the flexibility to deploy across any cloud managed by you or TS4 as SaaS.


Everything you need for process automation

Identify the best candidates for automation and scale your automation initiatives before investments are carried out. Process mining provides an instant picture of your end-to-end processes, detects inefficiencies, and identifies hotspots for improvement. Turn insights into actions, calculate the expected outcomes and reach your business goals.


  • We offer software, services, and consulting for almost any cloud. Choose what works for you. Move forward on your own
  • Gain a more secure path to the cloud by buying only what you need from this or other TS4 Cloud Pak containerized software solutions.
  • Move forward with some help
  • Work alongside our experts to assess your portfolio, implement quick agile change, and set the course for your automation future.
  • Move forward by letting us do it for you
  • Focus on innovation and keep existing resources in place by letting our TS4 Services® experts manage your ongoing automation needs.

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Security and Consulting

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