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Security and Consulting

Security consulting and system integration services

Global security advisory expertise, comprehensive capabilities, and proven methodologies protect your business.


As the demand to safeguard an enterprise’s critical data and information assets continues to intensify, organizations may struggle to effectively integrate the appropriate cybersecurity measures. Chief security officers, corporate executives, and board members need a trusted ally and advisory team to help you align security into your business strategy, processes, and systems.


Expand your team with security services

Working with our consulting and systems integration services, which range from security intelligence to operations capabilities, helps you gain industry-leading assessments, strategies, and solutions.

Tap into global expertise

Our team of global advisors in more than 170 countries can help solve your most complex security challenges. With expertise running some of the largest security programs in the world, our thought leaders use those experiences to help you improve your cybersecurity alignment.

Maintain regulatory compliance

No matter your industry, complying with critical regulations is a burden on your staff. Our consultants can help you keep up with complex, ever-changing industry requirements so you remain in compliance and avoid unnecessary costs.

Cybersecurity consulting and management Security governance

View Governance, risk, and compliance services

Governance, risk, and compliance services

Better manage your risks, compliance, and governance by teaming with our security governance experts.

Security consulting for systems integration

Managed endpoint security for systems integration. Help protect your enterprise end-user devices from the latest cybersecurity threats.

Data security services

As security and privacy breaches become all too common, keep your business-critical data safe with services that help you monitor, discover and protect against data leaks or loss.

Application security services

Securely plan, build and run your enterprise applications as you modernize with cloud migration, microservices, and containers.

Offensive security services

Learn how experienced hackers can find and help fix your most critical vulnerabilities.

Cloud security services

Transform cybersecurity practices with the help of our advisory services and secure your entire hybrid, multi-cloud environment.

Zero trust acceleration services

Accelerate zero trust adoption and build an actionable, detailed zero trust security roadmap.


Latest In Cybersecurity consulting: Learn through leadership from our security consulting and systems integration professionals.

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Security and Consulting

Predictive security that protects privacy with the flexibility of a hybrid cloud. Go Fast and far with TS4 Consulting. Navigate the new rule of modern business and turn ideas into action with a partner you trust.


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