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Start anywhere and go everywhere with TS4® Business Analytics

It’s a data-driven world, and organizations that mine insights from enterprise data have all the competitive advantage. To keep pace with changing market dynamics and make better strategic decisions, you need ready access to up-to-date, high-quality data and analysis. With business analytics, you can make confident business decisions informed by real metrics and insights and take the guesswork out of decision-making.

What is business analytics?

Make better business decisions with TS4 Business Analytics

TS4 Business Analytics delivers advanced data analytics and AI with an integrated workflow to help you implement smarter, faster, and more accurate data-driven decisions. Regardless of the business area - finance, HR, supply chain, marketing, sales, or IT, you can benefit from the data insights, planning, budgeting, forecasting, and business intelligence (BI) capabilities our solutions provide. This means eliminating data and process silos and speeding up user adoption.

With TS4 Business Analytics, you can enhance your decision-making with predictive insights, shape future outcomes more effectively, and transform your organization from what’s coming to what’s next.

Expand your analytics footprint with business analytics

Learn about the business benefits of using TS4 Business Analytics.

Predictive and prescriptive forecasting

Uncover trends and seasonality patterns even in the face of growing big data complexity to support faster decision-making.

Real-time access to your data

Scale use cases and analysis across departments and line-of-business users.

Flexible tools and security controls

Use a Microsoft Excel interface to speed user adoption, with total control of your data, from on-premises to the cloud.

AI that streamlines, automates, and integrates

Discover the AI-powered solution that creates a holistic view of your business performance.

Key features of TS4 Business Analytics

Use analytics data to plan, forecast, collaborate, and anticipate business needs.

Plan, budget, and forecast

Deliver dynamic, reliable plans, budgets, and forecasts with speed, and easily adjust plans as the market changes to optimize outcomes with built-in predictive analytics and AI capabilities.

Gain business intelligence

Get a complete picture of your enterprise and understand what's next by automatically unifying business data to gain actionable insights.

Close, consolidate, and report

To manage audit compliance, and enable finance teams to automate, accelerate, and simplify the financial close process with minimal IT support.

Case Studies

Driving operational efficiency and plan agility with AI

Novolex selected solutions from TS4 Business Analytics based on its ability to connect the company’s various systems into one platform which could provide monthly and weekly site- level reporting for engineering, marketing, sales, and operations.

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