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Manage Access Control

A Streamlined Access Control Solution

Managed access control solutions from TS4 allow you to get all the benefits of a centralized, access control system for a facility of any size or complexity without having to make capital investments or hire and train personnel. They enable you to focus on what you do best - managing your enterprise - while delivering powerful benefits.


Leverage the benefits of experienced security professionals.


Make it easier to adopt and maintain a state-of-the-art access control solution for security challenges of any size.


Combine security services with fire and safety systems, thanks to our integrated solutions approach.

Professional 24/7 Management and Administration

Our managed access solutions are flexible and feature-rich; they also generate useful data to drive business intelligence and insights.

  • Consultative support for design, installation, and ongoing management
  • Professional 24/7 access control management and administration
  • A comprehensive menu of access control technologies and products
  • Easy permissions management for employees and visitors
  • Turnkey access control card programs
  • Extensive, automated data collection and flexible, customizable reporting
  • Automated software upgrades and backups

Key Elements of a Managed Access Control Solution

Management of Employees and Visitors Credentials
Door Controller: Controls and powers all access control devices at the door.

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