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TS4 Electronics Solutions

Electronic Access Control

Smart, Integrated Solutions to Manage Access for Every Kind of Facility

At TS4, we offer a range of electronic access control solutions to help you meet one of your most important challenges: the safety of your people and the security of your property. Our electronic access control solutions are integrated, flexible, and intelligent—and these benefits make them even more useful to your enterprise.


Control access wherever you need to with an integrated, electronically managed system.


Configure access control to meet the unique needs of your facility, people, and property.


Gather valuable data and generate business intelligence from how people enter and exit your facility or campus.

Safety and Security, and So Much More

Electronic access control solutions from TS4 enable you to centralize your security system, to manage any and every access point in your facility, and to generate useful data to drive business intelligence and insights. We can provide advice and support at every stage of the process, from design to ongoing maintenance.

  • Consultative support for design, installation, and management
  • Professional 24/7 access control management and administration
  • A comprehensive menu of access control technologies and products
  • Easy permissions management for employees and visitors
  • Extensive, automated data collection and flexible, customizable reporting
  • Easy management of employee and visitor permissions
  • Automated software upgrades and backups

Key Elements of a Smart Electronic Access Control Solution

Management and Support: Operational and strategic support to ensure your protection solution remains robust and vigilant.

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