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Hosted Access Control

Leveraging the Cloud to Make Access Control Easier

Hosted access control solutions from TS4 provide you with an integrated, flexible, and intelligent way to manage every point of entry and exit in your facility using the cloud and an easy-to-use web-based interface. You get all the power and features of our sophisticated access control solutions in a robust, easy-to-manage package. We pioneered the use of internet-ready panels to connect facilities of any size and complexity to offer flexible remote management and easy configuration.


Access control through a simple web-based application, credentialed and secure.


Configure access control to meet the unique needs of your facility, people, and property through a single web interface.


Gather valuable data and generate business intelligence from how people enter and exit your facility or campus.

Simplify Security With a Secure, Cloud-based Approach

Electronic access control solutions from TS4 enable you to centralize your security system, manage any access point in your facility, and generate useful data to drive business intelligence and insights. When you choose a hosted solution, you gain flexibility and savings through the use of the cloud as infrastructure.

  • Hosted access control solutions, customized to any size business or enterprise
  • Network multiple facilities easily
  • Manage remote facilities online through any web browser
  • Complete access history with instant notification of critical events
  • Secure, credentialed access through web browser
  • Manage user permissions and group access control in real-time
  • Visual verification from central monitoring center

Key Elements of a Hosted Electronic Access Control Solution

Remote Cloud-based Permissions and Credentials Management.

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